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Sissoo Technologies has a diverse range of solutions that we distribute. We currently focus on the Benelux region and the Sub Saharan region. In these markets, we distribute solutions in Safety, Security, Solar and Signage. As well, we have a project bureau that focuses on building the bridge between Africa and Europe.


We don’t do this on our own. We believe in partnerships: approaching the market together with partners who share our focus on customer happiness. To achieve this we work with products of high quality and innovation. Allow us to put some of these in the spotlight


The Security solutions that we bring to Sub Saharan Africa are of the highest quality standards. The solutions are innovative with strong (often European) manufacturers.


Smart Signage Solutions is our department offering the latest innovations in Signage. If you want to have a smart solution to market your message or product or if you want to display your content in the best visible way, we have the Signage Solution. We handle projects of all sizes.


Our Solar Solutions are successfully used in many projects throughout Europe. With our partners, we offer full solar solutions: the complete product range, design services, support, training and even installation. Our focus is on the African market. We work with strong local partners to build projects. By combining knowledge and creating a solution together we exceed customer expectations.


Newly introduced in European markets, the intrusion and home automation solutions of Blaupunkt have proven themselves in quality, innovation and cost effectiveness. The systems are wireless, easy to install and communicate through GSM. The free app for your smartphone makes communication with your system easier than ever before.


We improve our product portfolio constantly to fit to the markets that we address. There will be new and updated solutions, so come back often or send us your details to stay updated!



We are proud to be the exclusive partner for the Blaupunkt Security and Care solutions in the Benelux region. These solutions are of the highest quality and provide you a great solution for your safety.




For the Africa region, we provide a full range of security solutions for any project. Besides the security products, we offer via our partner network: consulting services, installation and maintenance services and turn key solutions. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities for your project in more detail.



Our Care portfolio can be divided into two focus area’s: Nursecall systems and Elderly Care.
We provide the nursecall and care portfolio of Indigo Care and Tele Alarm (formerly known as Bosch Healthcare). Both manufacturers provide highly innovative solutions with the highest qualityh level.
These nursecall systems are used in Hospitals and clinics all over the world, supporting patients and staff in the best possible way.

For Eldely care, we provide diverse solutions, depending on the needs of the client.




Worldwide, but with a key focus on Africa, we provide with our partners full turn key Solar solutions.
With many years of experience in providing consulting services, installation and maintenance, product delivery and training to local organisations to do this themselves, we pride ourselves in being one of few full turn key solar providers. Our approach differs from others, as we aim to transfer knowledge to local organisations in installation, maintenance and consulting for Solar Projects. In this way we build network of well trained, professional partners in different countries with whom we work together.

Please contact us for more details.




Ever worked on a project where you need tailor made solutions, but these are difficult to find?

Or do you need certain products that aren’t easily available in your country?

Then please contact us. We provide full project sourcing of any type. Wether it is refurbishing containers to shops or homes, buidling new homes, full hospital equipment sourcing, agricultural machinery or anything else, just contact us. We have a broad experience base and a big network of manufacturers to support any project and request.



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